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Easy Way to Get More Veggies: Shades of Green Smoothie

According to the CDC, only 26 percent of Americans eat vegetables three or more times a day. One of my favorite ways to increase intake of veggies and leafy greens is blending a mixture of leafy greens and vegetables for an incredibly delicious, nutrient-rich and energizing smoothie.

The health benefits of blended green drinks are endless. They’re rich in chlorophyll; chock-full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, nutrients and phytochemicals; highly alkaline; very filling; encourage detoxification; effective at nixing cravings; nourishing for beautiful skin; allows for a wider variety and increased intake of veggies in your diet; and it’s a healthy option even the kids will enjoy.

I prefer blending in a Vitamix, Nutri-Bullet or any other high-powered blender versus juicing, although juicing can be a better choice for those who have malabsorption problems, a damaged intestinal lining or a serious disease such as cancer.

When veggies are blended compared to juiced, all of the fiber is retained. Although juicing is nutrient-dense, it’s void of fiber, fat and protein, does not fill you up, can trigger an insulin spike, and the amount of veggies and greens needed is nearly triple when juicing as opposed to blending.

It’s important to limit the amount of fruit used and instead use more veggies and leafy greens. Always add a healthy source of fat such as coconut oil, liquid fish oil, cod liver oil, chia seeds or ground flax seeds, avocado, almond or coconut milk to increase the nutrient absorption from the veggies and greens.

Of utmost importance is rotating the types of greens used. Many people often make their green smoothies with the same greens such as kale or spinach day after day after day after day. What many fail to consider is that greens such as kale contain goitrogens. Excessive intake of raw goitrogenic foods can inhibit the thyroid and cause thyroid dysfunction. Hence, the importance of rotating the variety of ingredients when making your green drink.

Below are two energizing, nutritious and delicious smoothie recipes – Drink up and enjoy!

Shades of Green Smoothie

        * 3 kale leaves * 1/2 green apple
        * 6-8 dandelion stalks (great for the liver) * 1/2 cucumber
        * Handful fresh Italian parsley * 1 celery stalk
        * Watercress (great for detoxing estrogens) * Knuckle fresh ginger root
        *  Fresh cilantro (great for chelating heavy metals) * Juice from a fresh lime
Always use organic, pesticide-free greens. Add water adjusting the amount depending on your desired consistency. After blending the above, add coconut oil or coconut manna, 2 scoops of grass-fed Vital Whey vanilla protein and 1-2 scoops of Protoclear detox powder and ice.

Love Your Liver Smoothie. Blend the following items in a Vitamix or high-powered blender: 1 beet (cut) plus the greens; 2-3 carrots (chopped); 1 green apple (chopped); 6-8 dandelion stalks; juice from a fresh lemon; water and ice. Add some coconut oil and 2-3 scoops of Detox powder

Be creative….and, always rotate the ingredients you use daily.

Leafy greens Veggies Fruit (use minimally) Other
    Moringa   Cucumber   Green apple   Ginger root
    Dandelion   Beets   Pear   Turmeric root (curcumin)
    Beet greens   Celery   Berries   Fennel
    Spinach   Bok choy   Avocado   Chili peppers
    Swiss chard   Carrots   Coconut   Coconut oil; fish oil; cod liver oil
    Kale   Asparagus   Mango   Protein powder
    Collards   Lime   Detox powder
    Parsley   Lemon   Aloe vera gel or juice
    Cilantro   Watermelon   Chia seed or ground flax seed
    Purslane   Any of your favorite fruit   Cacao
    Watercress   Maca powder
    Mustard greens   Nuts or seeds

I seldom use fruit and instead use more veggies and leafy greens. Shop at your local Farmer’s market for a variety of in-season, pesticide-free veggies and greens. Make sure to rotate the ingredients. Do not use the same greens day after day after day because this can trigger thyroid dysfunction, food sensitivities and possible allergies.  

Blending is simple, easy-to-do and quick….from prep to finish takes about five minutes. One last thought, it’s very important to thoroughly clean your juicer or blender after each use otherwise mold can begin to develop, contaminating your beverage.

A person can become too acidic by eating too many acid-forming foods, which creates the perfect environment for diseases, including cancer to occur. Acid forming foods include sugar and artificial sweeteners, coffee, alcohol, HFCS, vegetable oils, soda, grains and all processed and fast foods.

Diet is a major factor in acid/alkaline balancing, but other factors can encourage your body to become too acidic such as, breathing polluted air, drinking contaminated water and physical, emotional and mental stress. Once you become too acidic, your body will let you know. Reduce your acidity and start blending today!

Symptoms of an acidic environment

      Digestive dysfunction Headaches Hives
      Hormonal Imbalances Sinusitis; Nasal Congestion Leg cramps and spasms
      Cysts; Fibroids Frequent colds Osteoporosis
      Premature aging Weight gain Diabetes; Diabesity
      Low Energy; Fatigue Candida Agitated, Anxiety, Stressed

Read more about acid/alkaline and find more recipes in my books, The Power of 4 and Fat Loss Revolution.

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